Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the products made?

A. Our products are designed in house and are manufactured across the globe.

Q. Where are the products shipped from?

A. Shipping is from our distribution center located in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Q. What are your lead times?

A. Most Items are in stock and can ship within 2 to 4 weeks.

Q. Do you have product minimums?

A. We do not case pack our products. Any item can be ordered individually.

Q. Do you sell to anybody else in my area?

A. It is possible that Jatex will sell to other customers in your area.
A. See the Dealer Locator for other customers in your area.

Q. Can you drop ship products?

A. Yes, with some restrictions. For drop ship orders, Jatex will not be responsible or liable for any claims, damages or returns. Any problems with the shipment will have to be resolved directly between you and your customer. A drop ship fee will apply.

Q. Can we visit you at your warehouse?

A. Yes, by appointment only. We welcome our customers to come to our warehouse to pick rugs, pillows and old copper between the shows.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Yes, please view our list of showrooms online here.

Q. Can I choose the fabric that will be upholstered on my furniture?

A. Our chairs, benches, ottomans, coffee tables and footstools are all upholstered with our one-of-a-kind Kilim rugs. Because of this, each will be unique. Customers can request specific color and pattern preferences and we will do our best to meet the customer's request. Customers are encouraged to send fabric swatches or paint samples when requesting a specific color palette. We can e-mail photos of benches, ottomans and coffee tables for approval prior to shipping. For chair orders, we can e-mail a photo of the rug which we intend to use for the upholstery. Pairs of chairs will be upholstered from the same rug so that the chairs are matching.

Any of the chairs can be upholstered in either full Kilim or with a leather seat. Our standard leather is Moore and Giles and is available in a variety of colors. The price of the chair remains the same regardless of the upholstery option chosen.

Q. What can you tell me about the furniture frames?

A. Our furniture frames are made from solid kiln dried beech. Many of our frames are exclusive to Jatex and our skilled craftsmen make the frames right here in the United States. The frames will be finished to order.

Q. Can I special order a different finish or leather color?

A. Yes. We will work with your color palette to make your custom furniture work for you.

Q. Can I have a bench or ottoman upholstered in leather?

A. Yes. We can upholster any style of bench or ottoman with leather.

Q. Can we purchase just the furniture frame?

A. Yes. In most cases, the frames are raw, kiln-dried. In some cases, the frames will be assembled and finished. Please call Customer Service for specifics.

Q. Are your rugs old or new?

A. All Jatex rugs are semi antique and range in age from approximately 20 to 45 years. The rugs are carefully cleaned, repaired and stretched prior to sale. All of the rugs are sun bleached and some are tea washed. All rugs are hand woven from durable 100% goat or lamb's wool.

Q. Where are the rugs from?

A. Jatex carries rugs from many different regions including the Balkans, Caucuses, and Anatolia.

Q. How can I purchase rugs and pillows from Jatex after the shows?

A. Pillows and rugs can be sent on a 10 day approval basis. Please see our Terms and Conditions for specific information.

Q. I have a customer who requires a specific size rug or specific color tones-can Jatex send me some photos?

A. Jatex does provide this service for a fee. This fee covers the appreciable time and manpower required to sort through our inventory for a specific size or color tone. If a rug is purchased, the fee will be applied toward the purchase price of the rug. The fee is charged each time the service is requested.